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ELCITA Introduces Dynamic Signalling Technology

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In order to ensure the traffic flow within electronics city is moderated to make traveling a pleasure, ELCITA has introduced 13 Automated Traffic Signalling Lights in West Phase and 3 in East Phase.

While the traffic signals were initially introduced with pre-programmed cycle timings, we had been studying different technologies available across the globe to adopt the right technology for ELCITA.

We had carried out limited trials using Dynamic Signalling adapting Google Maps and found that the traffic movement was getting accurately captured by the system and signals activated using this data.

We have now introduced this technology in West Phase in the sector SBI (Toll) Junction, Siemens Junction, Paramount Junction and Wipro Junction in synchronized mode and at RS Junction and Oterra Junction in Stand-Alone mode.

This is the first time that such technology using Google Maps for dynamic Traffic Signal Light Control is being introduced in the country.

The effect of the use of Dynamic Signalling Technology:

(a)    The count down timer in red during the stop phase in any direction will not be displayed.

(b)   Traffic congestion data will be collected from Google Maps and fed to the signaling system.

(c)    Based on the traffic density, the system calculated the time required for traffic to move in a particular direction and the green light will come on.

(d)   In this period the count down timer will display the time the signal will be open for traffic to move in green color.

(e)   Once the phase ends, amber will blink three times (3 seconds) and lights will turn red.

While the dynamic mode is in operation, the count down timer for stop signal will not display. Hence commuters, while stopped, need to pay attention to the traffic signal where the red/amber light will blink three times (3 seconds) before the signal turns green.

We have also introduced algorithms which will capture traffic violations like stopping beyond stop line/ zebra crossing and no tolerance zone and the report using snapshots along with vehicle number will be made. Subsequently, this data would be shared real-time with traffic police to book traffic violations in the Bangalore traffic police system.


  1. Sushanta Sarkar August 12, 2019 at 9:52 am

    I love ur beautiful application. It is very useful for the electronic city citizens

  2. Sudhindra Kulkarni September 24, 2019 at 11:03 am

    Thank you for implementing this technology in E-City, Bengaluru.
    We observe that;
    1. Near Toll gate signal – Zebra crossing from Tata Power ends on the ROAD and not on the Foot path.
    2. There is no time given for pedestrians to cross road from either side at toll gate signal.
    3. No barricade provided in front of Infosys FOCUS towers stretch towards JP IT cross. Due to this vehicles occupy the footpath space and block pedestrians movement.

    Take necessary actions on this at the earliest. Thank you.

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