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ELCITA Notification No.006/2014

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Date: 2nd Jan 2014
Notice: Solid Waste Management
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ELCITA hereby notifies that all the companies/establishments and individuals shall adhere to the following guidelines to achieve our vision “Zero Waste to Landfill”

1.    Achieve at least 95% segregation at source and the municipal solid waste going to landfill/dump-sites shall be less than 5%.
2.    Waste shall be segregated and easily identifiable during collection, storage, transportation and disposal.
3.    Maintain appropriate records documenting the complete life cycle of recyclable waste.
4.    Establishments shall be responsible for their in-house vendors’ waste disposal process.
5.    The organic biodegradable waste such as food waste, garden waste and non-hazardous sludge from the sewage treatment plants shall be treated in-house or in the ELCITA SWM facility by methods such as composting or anaerobic digestion. Garden waste shall also be used for mulching in the landscape.
6.    Establishments shall submit relevant documents regarding waste disposal on a half yearly basis to ELCITA office and obtain the Clearance Certificate.
7.    Shops shall avoid littering around the area and color coded bins shall be placed for ensuring segregation of waste.
8.    The vendors collecting waste shall compulsorily obtain NOC from ELICTA. Only ELICTA authorized vendors will be allowed to operate inside Electronics City. In addition, vendors collecting hazardous waste, e-waste and biomedical waste shall possess KSPCB authorization
9.    Construction Waste generators shall ensure
a.    Maximum reuse/recycle of segregated materials.
b.    No hazardous material be spilled on the ground & No material or waste is stored on the roads.
c.    Concrete wash water is not discharged into unlined pits or drains.
d.    Materials that pollute the air such as sand, cement etc., are properly covered during transportation and storage.
e.    Vehicles to comply with pollution standards and regularly go through oil leakage checks.

This notification is effective from January 15th, 2014.  ELCITA officials will conduct periodic checks and enable industries/ Establishment/ Hotels/ shops to comply with the Solid Waste Management notification.

Please visit elcita.in for detailed guidelines & facilities available for solid waste management at Electronics City


Chief Executive Officer
Electronics City Industrial Township Authority

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