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Fight the Epidemic Together

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Dear all,

Rarely have governments across the globe found themselves tackling ‘the fear of the unknown’ like they are now. We hope that our collective wisdom and resources will help us overcome this situation and emerge stronger.

Individually, we are all afraid. But together, we can play our part by following best practices. We are aware that working from home is not practical for everyone. But it would help us if we have data on those employees working from home and those traveling to work.

If you want any specific cases taken up, please write to me so that I can communicate it with Dy. C.M. Dr Ashwath Narayan.

Some of the best practices that we discussed during the meeting today are listed below. You can follow those suggestions that are appropriate for your company.


  1. It is not practical to completely shut down any company, be it IT/ITES, BT, or manufacturing. The percentage of people who have to come to work varies based on their current situation like order, position, year-end closure, customer requirements, etc.
  2. Other manufacturing clusters like Bidadi, Peenya, and Bommasandra are working normally while taking precautions.
  3. On March 22nd, companies were closed except for people required for essential services.
  4. While we may encourage working from home to as many as possible, all precautions need to be taken for the safety of the employees who come to work.
  5. Visitors need to be avoided at least for the next few weeks.
  6. Employees can be asked to come on alternate days to reduce the risk of exposure.
  7. Senior workers, pregnant and nursing women must work from home.
  8. Team meetings and training must be conducted online.
  9. Contact with contract workers must be avoided or minimized.


  1. It is best to avoid public transport, but if there is no other choice, use proper masks while traveling in public transport.
  2. Avoid crowded vehicles and use private ones.
  3. Carpooling and traveling in smaller vehicles are better options to contain the spread.
  4. Those who have traveled by train, bus or flight need to be watchful for any symptoms.
  5. Try to put all travel plans on hold for the time being.

Hygiene Within Premises

  1. Place sanitizers near entrances, shop floors, and meeting rooms. Ensure all employees meticulously use them.
  2. Place hand washes in toilets and cafeteria at all times. Please display posters about handwashing and hygiene.
  3. All companies must sanitize knobs, keep doors open, clean toilets frequently, and fumigate the premises.
  4. Dispose off solid and water waste regularly.
  5. Employees with symptoms of cold and cough must be sent home or to the hospital for a checkup.
  6. Cafeteria food must be served by one person rather than everyone to avoid contact with the serving spoons.
  7. Plan lunch timings so that at any point in time, only two people are sitting at a table. It is best if they don’t face each other while having lunch.
  8. Consider packing a simple lunch instead of an elaborate spread.
  9. Employees are advised to stay in their own workspaces and avoid going to other workplaces as much as they can.
  10. Employees are advised against eating from roadside shops.
  11. ELCIA will coordinate with companies to help them acquire washable masks. Hical has already sourced the masks.
  12. Please note that it is good to iron the masks.
  13. ELCITA CSO will coordinate for masks.
  14. Sanitization wipes are available with Mr. Murali, Bangalore (Mechatronics)
  15. ELCITA will coordinate for fumigation if companies require it.
  16. Rentokil: Contact Mr. Syed Iliyaz at 93421 27410
  17. Simon L: 94483 53277 (Director Ops – PestOtouch)

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