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Green Star of the month: XSYSYS

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For a city that generates more than 4500 tons of waste per day, waste when segregated at source and properly disposed becomes a resource rather than a burden on the environment.

ELCITA’s vision is ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’. ELCITA encourages all resident companies to segregate their waste at source and set up a proper end disposal mechanism or each stream of waste, thus making e-city a model city with respect to waste management .

This new column will showcase firms that plan and adopt sustainable waste management processes within their premises, thus contributing significantly towards the environment and transforming lives.


XSYSYS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a small-sized IT firm in Electronics City. The team led by Rikesh have been practising responsible waste management from 2004!

They segregate their waste at source into wet (including garden waste), dry and reject waste. They also further segregate their mixed dry waste as plastic, paper and tissues since they are sent to different recyclers.

The management does not use any disposable cups within their campus and use only reusable ceramic and washable cups thus reducing disposable waste from going to landfills.

They have recycled about 75 kg of dry waste and  composted about 25 kg of wet/garden waste in the last month thus diverting it away from the landfill. They continue to do this every month .The management even went to the extent of verifying that their waste vendor actually disposes the waste properly. By switching over to an empaneled waste vendor, they have ensured that each stream of waste is handled efficiently.

XSYSYS has also generated employment for about three rag pickers who have a better livelihood now. Rag pickers usually earn their livelihood primarily by selling the recyclables picked up from garbage heaps which is a health hazard and has negative impact on their livelihood. Transformed into trained waste workers, three of them work with an empaneled vendor and have employment benefits and better working conditions. Thus XSYSYS has not only contributed towards the environment but has also helped the underprivileged.

We request more and more companies to transform and contribute consciously towards a better environment. Do watch this space as we keep sharing best practices of companies .If you think your company is doing progressive waste management and you want to share your best practices with the member companies, please get in touch with ELCITA.

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