Electronics City Industrial Township Authority

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Maintenance of Electronics City

Estate Maintenance

ELCITA’s estate management team is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the entire township. Their activities encompass waste management, water supply, tree plantation, regular repairs to roads, public infrastructure, and facilities, monitoring all the functions on the smart city platform, and cleaning and maintaining the infrastructure in good condition at all times. The tasks are outsourced to third-party agencies and closely monitored.


Water Supply Distribution

BWSSB supplies 1 MLD of Cauvery water to ELCITA’s centralized sump, and from there, it is distributed to companies. Smart water meters have been installed to track real-time consumption and billing. Besides, ELCITA also supplies borewell water to some member industries.


Solid Waste Management

Large volumes of waste are generated daily. Waste management refers to the collecting, treating, and disposing of solid material that is discarded or is of no use. ELCITA envisages that the actual waste going to the landfills be minimized and a major part of the waste be segregated and recycled. ELCITA is at the forefront of this effort and considers solid waste management crucial in keeping the locality clean. It collects dry, wet, and rejected wastes from companies. Dry wastes are taken to the “Dry Waste Collection Center” where it is segregated and recycled. Wet wastes go to piggeries and Wet waste- Composting Plant, which, after recycling, are used as fertilizers, whereas they reject waste taken to “Government-Authorized landfills.”


Sewage Treatment plant

Treatment of sewage is one of the primary responsibilities of a municipal body, and ELCITA is successfully running four STPs of various capacities. The treated water consistently meets the stringent norms specified by the pollution control board and predominantly caters to residential areas. Adopting this process has helped reduce the demand for stretched resources, which is the need for the hour.


E-Waste Management

In India, E-waste or Electronic Waste is the fastest-growing segment of formal municipal waste. It includes broken, obsolete, loosely discarded electronic or electrical devices. Most of this waste gets stored because people are not aware of how to discard it. At Electronics City, E-waste is collected and given to an authorized agency for sorting and scientific recycling.



Open defecation and urination have seen a drastic reduction in electronics city since the establishment of 19 e-toilets in various parts. These hygienically maintained toilets are appreciated by El citizens and visitors alike and have gone a long way in enhancing the image of the e- city.


Street Lighting Management:

ELCITA has installed several smart streetlights in Electronics City. These streetlights, which have photo-detecting sensors (sensors sensitive to variations in the intensity of sunlight), can automatically vary the intensity of light, depending on the pedestrian density detected.


Security and Traffic Management:

ELCITA has introduced 13 Automated Traffic Signalling Lights in West Phase and 3 in East Phase to moderate traffic flow. The first time such technology uses Google Maps for dynamic Traffic Signal Light Control has been introduced in the country. ELCITA has also introduced algorithms to capture traffic violations like stopping beyond stop line/ zebra crossing and no tolerance zone. These details are captured on a report, along with snapshots and vehicle numbers. Subsequently, this data is shared in real-time with traffic police.


Liaison with Govt. departments for common services and development of infrastructure

ELCITA has staff oversee the administrative and professional duties connected with the township’s planning, zoning, and engineering functions. They also coordinate development projects with the various government departments of the Government of Karnataka to provide shared services and develop infrastructure.


Forum for grievance redressal of member organizations:

Members can register complaints regarding estate maintenance, street lighting, and sanitation with ELCITA through an app. Complaints are tackled by the concerned department and are monitored by the COO. 


  1. naina March 1, 2015 at 8:00 pm

    Roads are in pathetic condition in doddathoguru area of e city which is a hub of multinational IT companies. This is a serious condition where top IT companies are situated, their nearby area is in so bad condition that even basic infrastructure is missing from there.
    This area simply on the pity of gram Panchayata which is only a name , their members are missing.. not spending even a single penny from the tax amount which we are giving to govt… they don’t have a right to ask for tax if they can’t provide basic necessity to us… this is a serious situation and we all needs to think about that… there should be a basic accountability which is missing….
    I request all people from govt,,, BBMP, ELCIA and so on… please have a look into the situation… otherwise don’t expect tax money from us…

  2. Abhiroop April 30, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    hi Sir,

    There is a garbage dump being created next to the Sweet Chariot Shop (next to SJR Equinox, Doddathogur).
    Garbage is piling up on the road and footpath and stray dog menace has started.

    Please remove the garbage dump.

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