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To segregate or not to segregate?


Waste when segregated is a resource but when not, there starts a vicious cycle of damage to both people and the environment. We all know the kind of garbage problems that Bangalore is grappling with. Bangalore generates about 4500 to 5000 tons of waste every day and about 90% of it goes to landfills. The impact on the people living around landfills is catastrophic with air, water and soil getting polluted irreversibly. One visit to the Bingipura landfill which is just at e-city’s backyard will give one a reality check on the extent of damage. All of us especially children are affected by toxic dioxins emitted when improperly disposed garbage is burnt in nearby areas.

We as a city need to come together and revisit our waste processes, understand problems and bring in solutions beginning with segregation at source. It starts with each one of us looking at our own waste and taking ownership for it. It starts from reducing our waste to a minimum and being conscious of the waste impact of the products we consume.

We need to implement segregation of the solid waste within our premises as wet, dry and reject waste. This will reduce the waste sent to landfills with all the organic waste being used for energy generation or composting and the dry waste becoming a source of revenue for people in the waste business and also reducing the use of virgin material for new products. This in turn would tremendously reduce the quantity of waste going to landfills.

All it takes is a quick check to see what is happening within our premises, put systems in place for responsible waste management, create awareness among employees which would ensure their participation and train the housekeeping staff to follow segregation. Follow-up would ensure processes are followed diligently. The ELCITA SWM team is always ready to help and is only a phone call away.

My appreciation to those who have implemented responsible waste management and my piece of advice to those who have not – It is not rocket science. All it needs is will. Make a choice— to be concerned about people’s lives or to be indifferent. To segregate or to not segregate?

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