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Message from the CEO – 300 KLD common Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at ELCIA Park

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You may by now know all about ELCITA’s Solid Waste Management initiatives. But have you wondered about the sewage and wastewater generated here? Electronics City generates 6000 Kilolitres of wastewater every day; but unfortunately, only 52% of it is treated and reused. Refuse-Reduce-Reuse-Recycle is the Mantra to conserve water which is in short supply.

Industries with wastewater treatment units must maintain it to get the desired quality of treated water and reuse it. Those companies that do not have a treatment unit, have to be very careful about wastewater disposal.  According to estimates, 750 KL of wastewater is dumped on open land and into nearby water bodies every day. Seepage of untreated water is likely to be the cause of higher nitrate levels in ground water extracted from borewells in Electronics City.

Industries who have arrangements with private vendors for wastewater disposal need to double check if it is being disposed of in a correct way.

Spending money on treating the wastewater and reusing the treated water will give great returns in terms of a better place to live and reduce our angst about water shortage and health hazards.

ELCITA has established a 300 KLD common Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at ELCIA Park. The STP has started operating and the treated water is being used inside the estate for watering plants and other needs of companies.

I request industries to make use of the ELCITA STP and manage wastewater responsibly. Our focus is not just on the service we provide to our members, we believe we have a broader role to play in enhancing liveability and protecting the environment for a better future.

I am sure you are a responsible ELCitizen interested in recycling wastewater the right way and ELCITA can support you to do that. Let us lead by example!

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