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Shuttle Bus between West Phase (Phase 1) and East Phase (Phase 2) in Electronics City

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Dear All,

Shuttle services help ease the commute of EL citizens, given the traffic congestion in Electronics City. ELCITA is resuming its free intra-township shuttle service from 14-07-2022. Initially, services were run on a trial basis with eight trips on two routes per the appended schedule, but frequency and routes can be changed based on actual utilization data and feedback.

ELCITA encourages employees of companies inside the Electronics City Industrial Township to avoid using personal vehicles to move within and between West Phase (Phase 1) and East Phase (Phase 2) and use this service. We request EL citizens to make the most out of it. Indicative timings of the buses are also appended. Timings are subject to variation due to traffic congestion on the roads.

Employees who want to use this service must scan the QR code and show their company ID card before boarding and alighting the bus. Our buses are equipped with GPS and CCTV cameras.
We solicit your support in making the Intra E-City Free Shuttle Service a roaring success.

Thank you.

Shuttle Route No 1 Trip No 1 Trip No 2 Evening Trip
No 4
Sr No Place
1 Brand Factory 7:45 AM 9:00 AM 5:15 PM
2 Ganga Vatica
3 Concord Cupertino
4 Shriram Apartments
5 Teknik
6 3M
7 SJR Equinox
8 Salarpuria Infozone
10 HP Entrance
11 BMTC Bus Stop Near Maruti Infotech Park
12 Near NHAI Mini Kiosk
13 Aurigene
14 Gold Hill Supreme Park
Evening Trip No 3 Trip No 5
16 Gate 3 Tech M/TCS 8:25 AM 9:40 AM 4:30 PM 5:45 PM
17 Toll Plaza Phase 2
18 378 bus stop
19 SBI Bus Stop
20 Opto Circuits Bus Stop
21 Wipro Gate 5
22 Wipro Gate 16
23 Opto Circuits Bus Stop
24 PNB(OPP Ganga Vertica)
25 Brand Factory 8:55 AM 10:10 AM 5:10 PM 6:20 PM
Shuttle Route No 2 Trip No 1 Trip No 2 Evening Trip
No 4
Sr No Place
1 GM Infinite Circle 8:00 AM 9:15 AM 5:30 PM
2 Neo Town Arch
3 Golahalli Gate
4 Fire Station
5 Police Station
6 Teknik
7 3M
10 HPE
11 HP Entrance
12 BMTC Bus Stop Near Maruti Infotech Park
13 Near NHAI Mini Kiosk
14 Aurigene
15 Gold Hill Supreme Park
Evening Trip No 3 Evening Trip No 5
17 Gate 3 Tech M/TCS
18 Toll Plaza Phase 2
19 378 bus stop
20 SBI Bus Stop
21 Siemens STS
23 Salarpuria Infozone

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