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ELCITA Sustainability Awards 2023 -24 – Application Form

Sustainability award- Extension letter


The ELCITA Sustainability Awards aim to recognize and celebrate the outstanding sustainability efforts of member companies in Electronics City. These awards will honour achievements in the following categories:-

  1. Large Companies (1000 Employees or more)
  2. Medium and small Companies (Less than 1000 Employees)
  3. Hospitality / Educational / Research / Commercial Organizations
  4. Public Service Entities


  1. The ELCITA Sustainability Awards are open to all member companies operating within Electronics City.
  2. Companies must have been in operation for a minimum of one year to be eligible.
  3. Participants must demonstrate significant and measurable performance in the various areas of sustainability

Application Process:

  1. Interested companies can submit their applications through the ELCITA website.
  2. A company can apply in any one category only. Only one application should be submitted per organization
  3. Companies can apply during the period 1st December 2023 to 31st December 2023


  1. An independent panel of judges with expertise in sustainability will review and evaluate the submissions.
  2. Companies will be judged based on the effectiveness and impact of their sustainability initiatives.
  3. The decision of the judges would be binding.

Awards Ceremony:
The date and venue of the ELCITA Sustainability Awards ceremony will be announced in due course. Winners will be announced and honoured during this event.

  • Last date for submission of the filled questionnaire – 31st January 2024
  • Announcement of shortlisted companies – 15th February 2024
  • Site Assessment – To be decided
  • Presentation in front of the committee – To be decided
  • Award function – To be decided

Requesting to fill this form on or before 31st January 2024

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ELCITA is looking for a ceo

Opening for Chief Executive Officer

Electronics City Industrial Township Authority (ELCITA) invites applications from suitable candidates for the position of Chief Executive Officer, ELCITA. Candidate should be a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) or Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a minimum of 10 years’ experience in Managerial and Technical capacity of handling Solid Waste Management / Liquid Waste Management/ Water Supply Management in Urban Local Bodies in India / SEZ /Industrial Towns/ Facilities run by Industrial  Boards anywhere in India/Facilities run by Para State / State or Union Government in Urban Water Supply and Sewage Board.

Job Description: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), ELCITA

Job Location – Bengaluru

Type – Full-Time Employee on contract

Employment Terms – Confirmation after successful completion of probation period of six months.  The normal terms of appointment are a contract of 3 years extendable by two years on mutual agreement

Compensation – Will be commensurate with experience.

  • Knowledge of Kannada is essential.

Key Responsibilities –

Operations – Provide strategic and operational leadership to the township authority

  • Lead all day-to-day operationsThe range of activities includes managing high tech infrastructure commensurate with the needs of the community, implementing municipal functions, interacting with the local bodies, Government, citizens, security, and traffic personnel
  • Work with the Management Committee and its nominated sub-committees to realize the vision and goals outlined for the township
  • Develop and monitor an index that measures ELCITA on parameters that enable it to be the best place to work!
  • Set benchmarks for delivery of basic services and maintain a dashboard for monitoring key parameters
  • Any other responsibility as deemed necessary by the Management Committee from time-to-time

Public relations and outreach

  • Engage with stakeholders of the township on a continuous and purposeful basis to create event ideas and follow through with the delivery of events
    • Oversee, coordinate, organize all events, including town hall meetings, cultural festivals, workshops, etc.
  • Manage outreach and communication through media

Efficient management of the township authority

  • Recruitment and management of staff as prescribed by The Karnataka Municipalities Act
  • Creating, overseeing, and managing outsourced contracts, including estate management, solid waste management, traffic management, and security
  • Ensure smooth functioning of township operations and the necessary standards relating to environment, health, safety, and quality are maintained
  • Effective use of e-Governance and collection of data from digitization initiatives for better resource management and transparent governance

Finance and Administration

  • Review and refine governance processes for the township
    • E-Governance for transparent and efficient administration as per the Municipal Act and other applicable laws
    • Effective service delivery process
    • Robust audit procedure
    • Ombudsman to address grievances
  • Ensure all statutory licenses and approval processes are in place in an effective manner
  • Ensure statutory compliance

Stakeholder Management

  • The CEO must be able to maintain a positive and productive relationship with all stakeholders, including Management Committee members, Government, industry, and various agencies connected with the township
  • To build professional relationship with Township Development Officer (TDO) and cohesively work towards achieving ELCITA objectives.
  • Engage effectively and manage relationships with internal as well as external stakeholders to build cooperation, alignment of objectives, and successful outcomes
    • Member management – engagement and feedback
    • Government liaison
    • Build a consensus amongst the diverse stakeholders while also developing appropriate policies and initiatives that draw on the immense expertise within these stakeholders

Desired skills/qualifications

  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) or Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Good leadership skills with strong execution capability, articulation, and technical and managerial capability, with emphasis on the usage of modern and innovative techniques adopting IT
  • Hands-on leadership style – results-driven and decisive leader in a dynamic and demanding environment
  • Good knowledge and understanding of the Municipality Act and related processes
  • Good communication and problem-solving skills matching the aspirations of the modern and progressive electronics & software companies
  • A mature and experienced person with a successful track record, capable of translating the vision of ELCITA into concrete programs and executing them efficiently, and in building up a profile of ELCITA as a model Township in Bengaluru
  • Ability to build a strong team that can deliver service on time within budgets, with the focus on processes
  • Should have min 10 years of experience in the managerial and technical capacity of handling: solid waste management/ Liquid waste Management/water Supply Management in urban local bodies in India / SEZ /Industrial Towns/ facilities run by boards anywhere in India/Facilities run by para status/State or union Govt. in Urban Water Supply and Sewage board.
  • ELCITA is an equal opportunity provider with no gender bias for this position

Desired Attributes

  • Preferably a polymath; curious and strong interest in cultural and intellectual issues, interests in diverse subjects such as corporate governance, public administration, economics, geopolitics, arts & culture.
  • Tech / social media savvy
  • Ideation – Able to think creatively, innovatively and create breakthrough initiatives and service quality for members at ELCITA
  • Capable of understanding the vision from the Management Committee and operate with speed and diligence
  • Ability to build on the success and reputation which ELCITA already enjoys
  • Gravitas, stature, credibility – Face of ELCITA to the world, should manage a complex stakeholder group effectively.
  • Team player – Open to multiple ideas, views
  • Collaborative – should be able to take people along – needs to work with the Management Committee and facilitate decision making in the interest of ELCITA.

Desired Experience

  • Minimum of 10 years of experience.
  • Min 40 years max 55 years of age.

At least ten years of senior management/leadership experience in technology, business strategy, public administration, and program management.

The eligible candidates can apply for the post in the prescribed format and along with detailed CV to Electronics City Industrial Township Authority (ELCITA).

Download Application Form

CV and completed application form may be sent by email to elcita_hr@elcita.

The hard copy may be sent by post to:

The Authorised Officer,
Electronics City Industrial Township Authority,
No. 7(P), West phase,
Electronics city, Bangalore – 560100
Last date for receipt of applications with connected documents: 19th  November 2023 – before 5 PM.

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elcita-infhra awards

ELCITA awarded iNFHRA Awards 2023-2024

ELCITA is thrilled to share the news that we have secured two esteemed awards in the categories of Best Project corporate (IT Park) and Innovation and Technology (IT Park) for the year 2023-2024.

These accomplishments fill us with immense pride, and it was indeed a moment of great honour for ELCITA to stand tall among the recipients.

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ELCITA Goes Green for employees

ELCITA’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond just words. On Independence Day, we took a step towards promoting eco-friendly transportation by providing cycles to our dedicated housekeeping staff. This initiative not only encourages a greener mode of commuting but also reflects our dedication to creating a more environmentally conscious community within Electronic City. Join us in our journey towards a cleaner, greener future.



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Increase in Free shuttle trips

It has been a year since, the resumption of ELCITA’s free intra-ECity shuttle service after the pandemic. Owing to the popularity of this service, it has been decided to increase the number of trips from 8 to 20. Routes and timings are appended but may be revised on commencement of Yellow Line Metro Services to Electronics City or earlier, based on utilisation.

 Shuttle Route No 1Trip No 1Trip No 2Trip No 3Trip 4Trip 5Trip 6Trip 7Trip 8Trip 9Trip 10
Sr NoPlace          
1Brand Factory7:45 AM9:00 AM10:35 AM11:45 AM1:00 PM2:00 PM3:00 PM4:05 PM5:15 PM6:50 PM
2Ganga Vatica7:46 AM9:01 AM10:36 AM11:46 AM1:01 PM2:01 PM3:01 PM4:06 PM5:16 PM6:51 PM
3Concord Cupertino7:48 AM9:03 AM10:38 AM11:47 AM1:02 PM2:02 PM3:02 PM4:07 PM5:17 PM6:52 PM
4Shriram Apartments7:50 AM9:05 AM10:40 AM11:49 AM1:05 PM2:04 PM3:04 PM4:09 PM5:23 PM6:54 PM
5Teknik7:52 AM9:10 AM10:45 AM11:53 AM1:10 PM2:07 PM3:07 PM4:12 PM5:28 PM6:57 PM
63M7:52 AM9:12 AM10:45 AM11:53 AM1:10 PM2:07 PM3:07 PM4:12 PM5:29 PM6:58 PM
7SJR Equinox7:58 AM9:17 AM10:50 AM11:59 AM1:15 PM2:10 PM3:11 PM4:15 PM5:33 PM7:02 PM
8Salarpuria Infozone7:58 AM9:17 AM10:51 AM11:59 AM1:15 PM2:10 PM3:11 PM4:15 PM5:34 PM7:02 PM
9HPE Enterprise8:03 AM9:23 AM10:55 AM12:03 PM1:19 PM2:13 PM3:15 PM4:18 PM5:38 PM7:06 PM
10HPE Entrance8:03 AM9:23 AM10:55 AM12:03 PM1:19 PM2:13 PM3:15 PM4:18 PM5:38 PM7:06 PM
11BMTC Bus Stop Near Maruti Infotech Park8:08 AM9:28 AM11:00 AM12:07 PM1:22 PM2:17 PM3:19 PM4:21 PM5:42 PM7:10 PM
12Near NHAI Mini Kiosk8:10 AM9:30 AM11:02 AM12:10 PM1:24 PM2:19 PM3:22 PM4:23 PM5:44 PM7:13 PM
13Aurigene8:11 AM9:31 AM11:03 AM12:12 PM1:25 PM2:20 PM3:24 PM4:25 PM5:46 PM7:15 PM
14Gold Hill Supreme Park8:14 AM9:35 AM11:06 AM12:15 PM1:28 PM2:23 PM3:26 PM4:28 PM5:49 PM7:18 PM
15XIME8:18 AM9:38 AM11:10 AM12:20 PM1:31 PM2:25 PM3:28 PM4:33 PM5:53 PM7:22 PM
16Gate 3 Tech M/TCS8:25 AM9:40 AM11:15 AM12:25 PM1:35 PM2:30 PM3:35 PM4:40 PM6:00 PM7:30 PM
17Toll Plaza Phase 28:27 AM9:43 AM11:18 AM12:28 PM1:37 PM2:32 PM3:37 PM4:42 PM6:02 PM7:33 PM
18378 bus stop8:30 AM9:45 AM11:21 AM12:31 PM1:39 PM2:34 PM3:38 PM4:44 PM6:05 PM7:39 PM
19SBI Bus Stop8:32 AM9:47 AM11:23 AM12:33 PM1:40 PM2:35 PM3:39 PM4:45 PM6:10 PM7:42 PM
20Opto Circuits Bus Stop8:38 AM9:53 AM11:29 AM12:38 PM1:42 PM2:38 PM3:42 PM4:48 PM6:15 PM7:48 PM
21Teknik Bus Stop8:38 AM9:54 AM11:30 AM12:39 PM1:42 PM2:39 PM3:43 PM4:49 PM6:17 PM7:50 PM
22Wipro Gate 58:40 AM9:58 AM11:33 AM12:41 PM1:44 PM2:40 PM3:45 PM4:50 PM6:20 PM7:52 PM
23Wipro Gate 168:42 AM10:00 AM11:35 AM12:43 PM1:45 PM2:42 PM3:47 PM4:53 PM6:28 PM7:54 PM
24PNB(OPP Ganga Vertica)8:48 AM10:05 AM11:40 AM12:48 PM1:48 PM2:45 PM3:53 PM5:00 PM6:35 PM8:08 PM
25Brand Factory8:55 AM10:10 AM11:45 AM12:55 PM1:50 PM2:50 PM4:00 PM5:10 PM6:45 PM8:20 PM
 Shuttle Route No 2Trip No 1Trip No 2Trip 3Trip 4Trip 5Trip 6Trip 7Trip 8Trip 9Trip 10
Sr NoPlace          
1GM Infinite Circle8:00 AM9:15 AM11:00 AM12:00 PM1:10 PM2:05 PM2:50 PM3:50 PM5:15 PM6:20 PM
2Neo Town Arch8:02 AM9:17 AM11:02 AM12:02 PM1:12 PM2:07 PM2:51 PM3:51 PM5:16 PM6:21 PM
3Golahalli Gate8:02 AM9:17 AM11:02 AM12:02 PM1:12 PM2:07 PM2:51 PM3:52 PM5:17 PM6:22 PM
4Fire Station8:04 AM9:20 AM11:04 AM12:05 PM1:14 PM2:08 PM2:52 PM3:53 PM5:19 PM6:24 PM
5Police Station8:06 AM9:22 AM11:06 AM12:07 PM1:16 PM2:09 PM2:54 PM3:55 PM5:20 PM6:26 PM
6Teknik8:11 AM9:26 AM11:09 AM12:10 PM1:19 PM2:11 PM2:56 PM3:57 PM5:22 PM6:29 PM
73M8:11 AM9:26 AM11:09 AM12:10 PM1:19 PM2:11 PM2:56 PM3:57 PM5:22 PM6:29 PM
8BHEL8:13 AM9:28 AM11:10 AM12:12 PM1:20 PM2:13 PM2:58 PM4:00 PM5:25 PM6:31 PM
9IFIM8:16 AM9:31 AM11:12 AM12:14 PM1:22 PM2:16 PM3:00 PM4:02 PM5:27 PM6:33 PM
10Airport Bus Stop8:16 AM9:32 AM11:12 AM12:15 PM1:22 PM2:17 PM3:00 PM4:03 PM5:28 PM6:34 PM
11HPE Enterprise8:21 AM9:36 AM11:15 AM12:18 PM1:24 PM2:19 PM3:02 PM4:05 PM5:31 PM6:37 PM
12HPE Entrance8:21 AM9:36 AM11:15 AM12:18 PM1:24 PM2:19 PM3:02 PM4:05 PM5:31 PM6:37 PM
13BMTC Bus Stop Near Maruti Infotech Park8:28 AM9:41 AM11:19 AM12:22 PM1:27 PM2:22 PM3:05 PM4:09 PM5:34 PM6:41 PM
14Near NHAI Mini Kiosk8:31 AM9:42 AM11:21 AM12:25 PM1:29 PM2:23 PM3:01 PM4:11 PM5:36 PM6:42 PM
15Aurigene8:32 AM9:45 AM11:22 AM12:24 PM1:30 PM2:25 PM3:03 PM4:15 PM5:38 PM6:44 PM
16Gold Hill Supreme Park8:33 AM9:48 AM11:24 AM12:27 PM1:32 PM2:27 PM3:05 PM4:17 PM5:40 PM6:47 PM
17XIME8:35 AM9:50 AM11:25 AM12:30 PM1:33 PM2:30 PM3:10 PM4:20 PM5:44 PM6:50 PM
18Gate 3 Tech M/TCS8:40 AM9:55 AM11:30 AM12:40 PM1:35 PM2:30 PM3:15 PM4:30 PM5:50 PM7:00 PM
19Toll Plaza Phase 28:42 AM9:57 AM11:32 AM12:42 PM1:37 PM2:31 PM3:16 PM4:31 PM5:51 PM7:01 PM
20378 bus stop8:45 AM10:00 AM11:34 AM12:44 PM1:39 PM2:32 PM3:17 PM4:33 PM5:53 PM7:03 PM
21SBI Bus Stop8:47 AM10:02 AM11:35 AM12:45 PM1:40 PM2:32 PM3:18 PM4:34 PM5:54 PM7:04 PM
22Siemens STS8:48 AM10:04 AM11:36 AM12:46 PM1:41 PM2:33 PM3:19 PM4:36 PM5:56 PM7:06 PM
23IFIM8:50 AM10:07 AM11:38 AM12:48 PM1:43 PM2:35 PM3:21 PM4:38 PM5:58 PM7:08 PM
24Airport Bus Stop8:52 AM10:09 AM11:39 AM12:49 PM1:43 PM2:35 PM3:22 PM4:39 PM5:59 PM7:08 PM
25Salarpuria Infozone8:55 AM10:13 AM11:41 AM12:51 PM1:45 PM2:37 PM3:25 PM4:42 PM6:02 PM7:11 PM
26SJR Equinox8:55 AM10:13 AM11:41 AM12:51 PM1:45 PM2:37 PM3:25 PM4:42 PM6:02 PM7:11 PM
27Opto Circuits Bus Stop8:58 AM10:16 AM11:43 AM12:54 PM1:48 PM2:39 PM3:28 PM4:45 PM6:05 PM7:14 PM
28Teknik Bus Stop9:00 AM10:17 AM11:43 AM12:55 PM1:49 PM2:39 PM3:29 PM4:47 PM6:07 PM7:14 PM
29Fire Station9:04 AM10:20 AM11:46 AM12:58 PM1:51 PM2:40 PM3:32 PM5:00 PM6:09 PM7:16 PM
30Golahalli Gate9:06 AM10:22 AM11:48 AM1:00 PM1:53 PM2:41 PM3:34 PM5:01 PM6:10 PM7:18 PM
31Neo Town Arch9:08 AM10:25 AM11:52 AM1:02 PM1:55 PM2:44 PM3:37 PM5:03 PM6:12 PM7:20 PM
32GM Infinite Circle9:10 AM10:30 AM12:00 PM1:05 PM2:00 PM2:50 PM3:45 PM5:10 PM6:15 PM7:22 PM

Guidelines for Passengers: –

  1. This service will be for employees working in Electronics City Industrial Township only. Please show your company ID card to the driver/security guard.
  2. Please install ELCITA Citizens’ App from Google Playstore and Appstore. This will provide you information about the service and current location of the bus.
  3. Do scan the QR code on boarding the bus. This will provide passenger count to us.
  4. Avoid littering, smoking and chewing tobacco in the bus.
  5. Do take proper care of yourself and the accessories fitted in the bus.

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Deccan Herald features ELCITA

ELCITA, is a model of efficient public-private partnership that fosters the growth and development of the electronics industry in Bengaluru. ELCITA administers the needs of over 150 companies and impacts the lives of close to 2 lakh people who work and live in the Electronics City.  ELCITA also undertakes various projects and tenders to improve the infrastructure and facilities in the township.

ELCITA has been featured in a recent news article by Deccan Herald, which discusses the challenges and opportunities of improving the first and last-mile connectivity for public transport in Bengaluru. The article highlights the role of ELCITA in providing cycle lanes, Chakra buses, MetroMitra services, and shared ride apps to enhance the accessibility and convenience of public transport for the citizens of Electronics City.

You can read the full article Towards connecting the last mile in Bengaluru ( to learn more about ELCITA’s contributions in making Electronics City a smart and sustainable township. Explore our other pages to know more about our initiatives, projects, and services.

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ELCITA Featured in Bangalore Mirror

ELCITA is proud to announce that we have been featured in the Bangalore Mirror column for our innovative Sub Surface Utility Engineering (SUE) survey. This survey, powered by advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Induction Locator technologies, helps us map the underground utilities in Electronics City and prevent any damage or disruption to them. The survey also helps us plan and execute future projects with more efficiency and accuracy.

You can read the full article here:

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