ELCITA Notifications
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Year 2024-25
4ELCITA NOTIFICATION/008/2024-25     11/03/2024WATER TARIFFClick here
5ELCITA NOTIFICATION /009/2024-2511/03/2024Solid Waste Collection FeeClick here
Year 2022-23
1ELCITA Code of ConductClick here
2ELCITA POSH PolicyClick here
3ELCITA Whistle Blower Policy
Click here
4ELCITA NOTIFICATION/003/2023-202416/05/2023CVS Method for Property TaxClick here
5ELCITA NOTIFICATION/002/2023-202416/05/2023Notice for Discontinuation of One time infra feeClick here
6ELCITA NOTIFICATION: SWM:2023-24/0114/04/2023Change in Service ProviderClick here
7ELCITA NOTIFICATION/001/2023-2429/03/2023Property Tax notification for the year 2023-24Click here
8ELCITA:GW:2022-2023/0225/03/2023Public NoticeClick here
9NOTICE: AUCTION SALE OF USED VEHICLES12/03/2023ELCITA invites auction bids for the sale of used vehiclesClick here
10ELCITA10/12/2022Proposed Model Township Policies and Guidelines for ELCITAClick here
11BESCOM/GM GST&PP(F&C)/DCM(F&C)/PP/BC-39/2022-23/125129/11/2022BESCOM certifying that the ELCITA uses Green Energy for their power.Click here
12ELCITA/ISMS/27001/2022-23/0116/09/2022Information Security Management System PolicyClick here
13ELCITA/POLICY/2022-23/00102/07/2022ISO Quality & Environment PolicyClick here
14ELCITA:SWM:2022-2023/0201/07/2022Notice for prohibiting production, stocking, distribution, sale & Usage of single use plasticClick here
30/06/2022Criteria for Extension of Building licenseClick here
16ELCITA NOTIFICATION/001/2022-2328/03/2022Property tax and other leviesClick here
ELCITA13/04/2022Town Planning NoticeClick here
Year 2021-22
1Annexure to be submitted for claiming 50% waiver of property tax 2021-202215/11/2021Annexure to be submitted for claiming 50% waiverClick here
2UDD 139 GEL 2021 DATED ON 06.11.202106/11/2021Government has announced 50% rebate of property tax for only hospitality sector.Click here
24/9/2021Installation of Smart Water MeterClick here
4ELCITA-NOTIFICATION-001-Amdt-03/2021-2205/08/2021Amendment of the Notification No. ELCITA NOTIFICATION/001/2021-22 dated March 01, 2021 and Notification no Ref: ELCITA NOTIFICATION/001-Amdt-02/2021-2022 dated June 28, 2021Click here
5ELCITA-NOTIFICATION-001-Amdt-01-2021-2228/06/2021Amendment of the Notification No. ELCITA NOTIFICATION/001/2021-22Click here
6ELCITA NOTIFICATION/001/2021-2201/03/2021Property tax and other LeviesClick here
24/9/2020GW NotificationClick here
Year 2020-21
1ELCITA NOTIFICATION/002/2020-2108/01/2021Declaration of “e-City Industrial Township Area” as “No Drone zone”Click here
2ELCITA NOTIFICATION/09/2020-2118/09/2020Disposal of waste generated at your campus to ELCITAClick here
3ELCITA NOTIFICATION/001/2020-2126/03/2020Property Tax & Other LeviesClick here
4ELCITA NOTIFICATION/001-Amdt-1/2020-2124/06/2020Amendment to Property Tax NotificationClick here
5ELCITA NOTIFICATION/001-Amdt-2/2020-2104/09/2020Amendment to Property Tax NotificationClick here
Year 2019-20
1ELCITA NOTIFICATION/003/2019-2026/02/2020Road widening for a better commuteClick here
2ELCITA NOTIFICATION/002/2019-2015/11/2019Revision of Water Supply TariffClick here
3ELCITA NOTIFICATION/001/2019-2022/03/2019Property Tax & Other LeviesClick here
Year 2018-19
1ELCITA NOTIFICATION/001/2018-1921/03/2018Property Tax & Other LeviesClick here
2ELCITA NOTIFICATION/001/2018-1914/06/2018Amendment to Property tax notificationClick here
3ELCITA NOTIFICATION/002/2018-1915/09/2018Road Naming Charges Click here
Click here
Click here
Year 2017-18
1ELCITA Notification/001/2017-186/4/2017Property Tax & Other LeviesClick here
Year 2016-17
1ELCITA Notification/001/2016-171/4/2016Property Tax & Other LeviesClick here
2ELCITA Notification/002/2016-171/4/2016Solid Waste ManagementClick here
3ELCITA Notification/003/2016-1710/2/2017Declaration of property detailsClick here
4ELCITA Notification/010/2015-1618/05/2015Road Naming Charges in Electronics CityClick here
Year 2015-16
1ELCITA Notification/007/2015-1616/03/2015Solid Waste ManagementClick here
2ELCITA Notification/008/2015-1623/03/2015Property Tax & Other LeviesClick here
3ELCITA Notification/009/2015-1613/05/2015Tariff for CISF deployment charges in Electronics CityClick here
4ELCITA Notification/010/2015-1618/05/2015Road Naming Charges in Electronics CityClick here
Year 2014-15
1ELCITA Notification/001/2014-1526/03/2014Property Tax & Other LeviesClick here
2ELCITA Notification/002/2014-1527/03/2014Deployment of CISF in Electronics City & applicable tariffClick here
Year 2013-14
1ELCITA Notification 001/2013-1410/7/2013Property tax & Other LeviesClick here
2ELCITA Notification 002/2013-141/12/2013Interest on delayed payment of Property Tax & Safety & Traffic Management charges for 2013-14Click here
3ELCITA Notification/003/2013-1424/12/2013Advertisements & Promotional activitiesClick here
4ELCITA Notification/004/2013-142/1/2014Submission / Procurement of Trade LicenceClick here
5ELCITA Notification/005/2013-142/1/2014Submission / Procurement of Occupancy CertificateClick here
6ELCITA Notification/006/2013-142/1/2014Solid Waste ManagementClick here
GoK Notification from Urban Development Dept on e-City Township Industrial Area